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Meli From May To September
In Brescia With Gabry
At Paolo Calza's Marriage
With ratto, jgeorge and... Gulli!
Barbara's Marriage in Rieti
Roman Holidays
Lodi's weekends and parties
At sea with Monia and Mauro
In Rome again with Monia and Mauro
At Mountain House
At Gallipoli 1
At Gallipoli 2
At Gallipoli 3
At Gallipoli 4.. Bye SEA!

Get ready to HUNDREDS images ;)
This album will contain all I did from the end of May till the end of August.
It has been a crazy overheated Summer. I started to live also my new house, I battled with allergias and 40 degrees a day...
but I had also one of the greatest times of my life. Enjoy this  space :)
Meli :)

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